McxIntosh Ohm Match for B&W 803s

I've heard all sorts of conflicting info on which ohm taps (8-4-2) to use with b&W speakers. Some say the 4ohm taps produce a clearer sound than the recommended 8 ohm taps.

I've called b&W and they had no recommendation other than to stay with what's in the owner's manual. I've also called Mac with no good response there as well.

Any recommendations?
Try all taps yourself and see what you like.

FWIW, I contacted Mac some years ago and they suggested the 4ohm taps for B&W.
I drive a pair of 803S's with a 402 off of the 4 ohm taps. Works fine, sounds great. Did a lot of research on this and that seems to be the concensus. The 803S dips to 3 ohms - which helped to dictate my choice. Talked to Mcintosh a couple of times prior to purchasing the 402 and I cannot tell you definitively that someone there suggested that I use the 4 ohm taps (as I asked quite a few questions of them) but I know that by the time I hooked the 402 up there was no doubt in my mind as to what taps were most appropriate. If you can get a hold of him, the guy to talk to at Mcintosh is Ron C. Found Mcintosh to be helpful and knowledgable. As a sidelight, depending on your familiarity with circuitry, the service manuals for Mc's are inexpensive - they amount to schematics and parts lists but I actually purchased the service manuals for all the units that I was considering purchasing so that I could evaluate the design. The amps are expensive but they are well designed. And, as you undoubtedly know, they are build like a tank.
Thanks Musicnoise. I have an MC352. Gonna give it a run through at 4 ohms and have a listen. Your info greatly appreciated.