Mconnect and Bricasti

Wanted to give Mconnect a try with my Bricasti M3.  Downloaded the app but the Bricasti doesn’t show up as a connected device.  Roon plays fine. 
Thanks for helping an old guy out!!



Thanks for the replies. I sold a Cary 700 that did everything for the M3 with a network card. I think I have to set up a nas for different options and getting DSD to the Dac. 
So I can set up the NAS with the software needed as well as storing all my DSD files and play everything thru the network to the Bricasti? I have always had all in one players or dedicated streamers/servers that I could attach my files too. 
The NAS seems like the way to go vs a dedicated player or am I missing a part in the equation? 

I had a Synology server but I couldn’t get the minim server software to do anything.The server then got ruined with malware-I had been using it to store non music data.

  I would use a dedicated player/streamer.  With the exception of some really awful ones such as Bryston, they tend to work, have significant Internet Radio and streaming, and might have useful features such as Bluetooth, AirPlay, or Chromecast.  If they come with dedicated storage they tend to provide ripping software that makes everything easier as well.

A NAS or dedicated server will do the trick running UPnP software.  My experience is that the server/player approach sounds better than solo streamers.  It is more complex and tends to cost more but if sound quality is your priority, best solution.  

Mconnect showed up Today.  Just tried it again and it worked with no further software/configuration   Definitely sounds different than Roon.  Have to do some extended listening. 
Thanks for the tips