Mconnect and Bricasti

Wanted to give Mconnect a try with my Bricasti M3.  Downloaded the app but the Bricasti doesn’t show up as a connected device.  Roon plays fine. 
Thanks for helping an old guy out!!



You want “Play To” to find the Bricasti. There is a refresh button (circular arrow) to force a new look.  “Browser” is where the music comes from. “Play To” is where the music goes to. 

The network card on the Bricasti is a renderer/player, not a streamer. You need to be running UPnP/DLNA software on your network for it to talk to. It does look like BubbleUPnP may be your best option as it does have Qobuz integration unlike JRiver.

I know "player" and "streamer" sound like they should be the same and that you should be able to just send a signal to the device. The key is, unless something explicitly says its a streamer it requires a separate server in conjunction. Player, Renderer and Network Bridges generally require servers.

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Thanks for the replies. I sold a Cary 700 that did everything for the M3 with a network card. I think I have to set up a nas for different options and getting DSD to the Dac. 
So I can set up the NAS with the software needed as well as storing all my DSD files and play everything thru the network to the Bricasti? I have always had all in one players or dedicated streamers/servers that I could attach my files too. 
The NAS seems like the way to go vs a dedicated player or am I missing a part in the equation?