McLaughlin/Corea - "Five Peace Band Live"

I want to mention John McLaughlin and Chick Corea's "Five Peace Band Live" CD with Christian McBride, Kenny Garrett, and Vinnie Colaiuta. The performance and recording quality on this CD are exemplary.

We're often looking for good live recordings, and while the instruments are amplified in this band, the energy and interplay between these exceptional musicians rises above a studio recording, and sounds just as clean.

If you're a fan of Corea and McLaughlin, this is a recording to check out.
I am listening to sound clips on Amazon right now and it sounds very nice - a bit 'old school' Chick is playful and lighthearted and McLaughlin sounds like... McLaughlin!

thanks for the tip!
Agreed, great stuff.

I saw the show at Berklee in Boston but with
Brian Blade on drums, I thought he fit better
than Vinny. Amazing show. The CD is great but
"live" was beyond description. Kenny Garrett
was amazing.
Sounds like this is right up my alley.. I will have to pick it up. Thanks for the tip!
Dunno man... after listening to Agharta, Bitches Brew, Inner Mounting Flame and Corea / Vitous / Haynes Live Trio Music (ECM) this disc seems really generic. Wanted to like it and was waiting for something that hadn't been done to death a long time ago, (the phony K-Tel looking Wes Wilson / Rick Griffin cover art kind of fits). For sure these players at 80% of capacity on auto pilot are mentally and physically agile, but if you already have most of their collective output this disc is redundant at best. The double cd Blues For Tony, (Holdsworth / Pasqua / Wackerman / Haslip) which has the same malady to a lesser extent is a better target to throw your money at.
Thanks TVAD- Hi ho, hi ho, off to Amazon I go.

I have been enjoying and recommend "The Enchantment- Chick Corea & Béla Fleck 2007"... A fun, modern and very original collaboration.
01-23-10: Vinylvin

I saw the show at Berklee in Boston but with
Brian Blade on drums, I thought he fit better
than Vinny.
I saw Brian Blades with the group as well, in Nashville. Interesting that you preferred him. I think Vinnie takes them to a new level of energy. No debate intended here. I just think it's fascinating how different people react to different players.

Duanegoosen, you're a tough critic. I'm writing this with a smile on my face. No intention of starting an argument. Coincidentally, I also recently purchased Allan Holdsworth's "The Sixteen Men of Tain", which I'm also really enjoying (but to me sounds very similar to some of Holdsworth's earlier stuff). I'll check out "Blues for Tony".
Grinning back Grant... I had high hopes for this one but that big Yellowjackets/Elektric Band streak sorta nailed the gag reflex. Sixteen Men of Tain is a good one. Also not too bad, (or at least not too stale) recent rotations:
Plotz Live 2008
Kif Express (Fiuczynski)
Les Projectionnistes / Copie Zero
Pierre Labbe / Risque et Pendule
Machacek - Sipe - Garrison / Improvision
Cosmologic / Eyes In The Back Of My Head
Always appreciate your suggestions, Duane. They stretch my horizon.
I also caught the band last yr with Blades. I thought it extemely interesting to hear the same tunes played by the same band except for the drummer. All I can say is; same tunes, different music! While I wouldn't be as harsh as Grant, I also felt the recording didn't live up to the promise of the band. I wouldn't bother to compare this to the Fusion classix of yesteryear, creating a classic wasn't their intent. But Igottatellya, at the concert I picked up the 5PB CD and also the live Return To Forever reunion CD, now THAT'S a smokin', killin' Fusion record. Surprising to hear how the "boys" still have that Inner Mounting Flame burnin' white-hot!!;)
"as harsh as Grant"

Meant to say Duane, sorry, I'm getting my Fusionistas mixed up!;)
Now that I think of it I really didn't like the
CD at first. I was going to sell the tickets but
the guy backed out. After I saw the show I liked
the CD alot better.

BTW The CD won the Grammy for Best Instrumental
Jazz Album.