mClassical Music Software for Macs

I currently use itunes. What is the best software for organizing Classical Music
on a Mac? Most programs that I have seen in the past seem PC based
Sometimes, its just easier to use your file system, espically if you have a lot of wav files that can't be tabbed. If you want to use playback software with library features, I find panned browsing to be the best way to go. Here's some free players to look at. I'm pretty sure they all have a Mac version.

Quod Libet (it will probably work well for you, but if not still use it for tagging.). Clementine, gmusic browser, banshee, Nightingale, Amarok.

Try them all and see what works best.
I also make my own files - itunes and my own high res files on audirvanna mislabel most of my classical music - mixing up composer, orchestra, conductor, etc.
tabbed should be tagged. sorry.