McItosh MC60

I have an opportunity to purchase a single McIntosh MC 60 for $500.00. I have been looking to get a tube amp for some time now but I wasn't really thinking of going with monoblocks. I haven't had the chance to see the amp yet so I don't know what the cosmetics are like, it has been described as "decent" looking and "working fine".
I know nothing about the MC60, can anyone tell me if there's anything in particular I should be looking for on this model McIntosh? At$500.00 it seems to be a decent buy if it's in good working order. Any comments are welcome.

Thanks in advance,

finding a second 'single' amp in good condition might be tough...most used mc60's are out there in pairs, and nice pairs cost a lot. i would talk to the folks at audio classics before you buy
Please be careful buying one MC60 since you need a matched pair. Please see They have MC60's for sale but at a much higher price. In addition to referenced above, you should also contact The Stereo Shop at cheers..
Well, interesting input. Glad I didn't just step out and buy the amp. I'll do a little more research I guess.

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MC60 power amps were very commonly used in electronics labs as a general purpose amplifier, with no application to audio. As such there must be a lot of them around, often as singles.