McIntosh, your experience?

McIntosh is a name that has been around the high end for a very long time.  I have not owned any of this brand and am considering various brands of used units on A'goN.  If any have previous or current experience I would appreciate your input.  Thanks
McIntosh, your experience?
Made great tube amps, back when.
Then lost the way and compromised trying to make SS amps and putting output autoformers on the rear end of them, to make them "bullet proof".
Very much like using a "O" Autoformer on amps that can’t take certain loads to make them handle those loads and be compromised.

THE REAL FIX!!! Just get the right amp to start with for that speaker.

Cheers George
I have owned many Mc amps as well as Pre-amps, Processors and one DVD player. I still keep two amps in my system one MC402 and MC205 for 2 channel and 5 channel respectively. I would suggest you do a little research on which model will meet your needs best. I know as you will learn, there is a group of Anti-McIntosh that will try to talk you out of McIntosh. But if you decide to pursue a McIntosh Amp, you will find 1st of all they are built like a tank, they do a great job, they hold their value, you may fall in love with the meters as well. But be forewarned, they are heavy. 
Try to find one new enough to have LED lighting or check with to see if they offer a retro fit LED light kit. 

Good luck
i bought my first mcintosh unit, an mc2205 power amp back in the early 2000's! i later bought an mc 602 power amp in 2011. i used to have a marantz 4300 quad reciever for a pre amp tuner but it was too noisy. in 2013 i bought a mx132 home theater unit to use as a tuner pre amp to match my mc602. i only listen in the 2 chanell mode. i'm not an audiophile so i don't know the difference that many audiophiles know. some say that other units are better sounding but if you have'nt heard them you don't know what your're missing! this is where i stand!
whatjd, you really haven't given us with enough information to provide you with a useful answer. McIntosh is a manufacturer who has been in business for a long time. They have made a variety of gear in all types. Are you interested in new mac gear, classic mac solid state amps, vintage mac tube gear or ???

I'm not a mac solid state fan. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with this gear; it's just not for me. But I have owned several vintage mac tube amps and they were excellent. What are you looking for, specifically? If you can narrow if down a bit I think you will see more reponses

br3098,  Thanks for your input.  I would be using any electronics in one of two systems.  The main system would be with Maggie 20 and the second system would be with Quads.  I have used several different source units, but I also listen to 2 great college FM stations, one classical and one just superb classic Jazz.  I do listen to some stations off the internet, but not many,.  

Having been a fan of much in the world of music, I started my audio journey in my teen years and have enjoyed the journey since then.  In the early years it was the Rock & Roll of the day.  Starting in my 20s I became a fan of great American Jazz and some classical and have followed that since.  Some of the best live American Jazz I have enjoyed was in Jazz bars in Copenhagen at 2 a.m. 

Take care, Jim