McIntosh, your experience?

McIntosh is a name that has been around the high end for a very long time.  I have not owned any of this brand and am considering various brands of used units on A'goN.  If any have previous or current experience I would appreciate your input.  Thanks

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Thanks.  I have owned much, but not McIntosh and doing my research ahead of any buying.

br3098,  Thanks for your input.  I would be using any electronics in one of two systems.  The main system would be with Maggie 20 and the second system would be with Quads.  I have used several different source units, but I also listen to 2 great college FM stations, one classical and one just superb classic Jazz.  I do listen to some stations off the internet, but not many,.  

Having been a fan of much in the world of music, I started my audio journey in my teen years and have enjoyed the journey since then.  In the early years it was the Rock & Roll of the day.  Starting in my 20s I became a fan of great American Jazz and some classical and have followed that since.  Some of the best live American Jazz I have enjoyed was in Jazz bars in Copenhagen at 2 a.m. 

Take care, Jim