McIntosh, your experience?

McIntosh is a name that has been around the high end for a very long time.  I have not owned any of this brand and am considering various brands of used units on A'goN.  If any have previous or current experience I would appreciate your input.  Thanks

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i bought my first mcintosh unit, an mc2205 power amp back in the early 2000's! i later bought an mc 602 power amp in 2011. i used to have a marantz 4300 quad reciever for a pre amp tuner but it was too noisy. in 2013 i bought a mx132 home theater unit to use as a tuner pre amp to match my mc602. i only listen in the 2 chanell mode. i'm not an audiophile so i don't know the difference that many audiophiles know. some say that other units are better sounding but if you have'nt heard them you don't know what your're missing! this is where i stand!