McIntosh vs. Thor

Considering the Thor TPA-60, 60 watt monoblocks and am wondering about the McIntosh Mc275 or 2000 anniversary amp. The Mc275 is 75 watts per and can get it in a monoblock set up. The 2000 is an anniversary issue and 130 watts per. I know both have more power but am wondering more about the warmth of the sound. I have a C-J Premier 16 preamp and Legacy focus 20/20 speakers which are supposed to be 96 db sensitivity. Any thoughts along this line would be appreciated. Just very used to C-J's sound and the neutrality is taking a bit of getting used to.
honestly, its hard to beat a cj combo....and your legacy's should sound great with cj all the way.......i have mac tubes, but you may already be home with what you've got.
Can't comment on the Mac's but love my Thor 60's. ( Will likely never sell them! ) A great match with my Merlin VSM-MM's. Have seen a couple of pair for sale on the web lately here on A'gon plus the pimp has a pair cheap as well. Do your homework to be sure what you are buying and whether or not they have been upgraded to MK II status etc. Thor Audio is very helpful and accessable via telephone. Oh, and they look great lit up in the dark.... Good luck.
I have not heard the TPA-60s, but spent a few months with the TPA-30s. They have a stunningly gorgeous EL-34 almost SET-like harmonic richness that just makes it hard to stop listening. The 30s are neither warmer nor darker than the CJ Premier 140, although they are more transparent, dimensional, and better articulated. They work quite nicely with a 16LS (wonderful preamp). While I say they are not warmer than a Prem140, they are still on the yin side of neutral and are in no way analytic.

No problems efficiency-wise with your speakers - the TPA-30s drove my 89db 4ohm speakers with ease. I would expect the TPA-60s to have more even more heft in the lower bass than the 30s which surprised me with their power. Thor amps have excellent transformers - in fact, over build quality is top-notch and the warranty is life time if you by from a dealer.
I have Thor 60s, a Thor TA1000 and a Thor DAC. Couldnt be happier. I would think that the Thor amps would crush the Mac equipment, although I havent heard the new Mac stuff. I cant explain why Thor equipment is selling so cheaply on the Gon, but Waveman is right. If you are thinking about buying Thor product on the net, call Paul at Thor to get the story behind the piece before buying. With the exception of a few pieces, most of the stuff sold as of late has been multiple owner, or older review pieces in need of upgrades and unfortunately this has given the wrong impression that Thor equipment doesnt hold its value. You can email me directly if you have further questions.
wow...the bottom does drop out on the resale value. go used if your buying thors. one thing about the macs...if you buy them right they will maintain their value (for hi end products).
The MC275 is a stunning amp and actually kicks out about 90 WPC in stereo mode - Totally smoked my 300 WPC Bryston 4BST. I have no trouble driving my 89Db speakers to loud levels in a 15x20x8 room with no distortion. It is warm but not overly so, and rich with detail and dynamic impact. Very, very musical. It stopped my upgraditis cold.