Mcintosh vs Krell

I have a Krell S-1000 processor and am considering a move to Mcintoh MX-199 or MX-135 any thoughts I know the Macs don't have HDMI but not a priority
Mmm, Its a good thing you are only compairing some processors here, eanything else, I would believe to be a laughing matter, Krell by far exceeds Mcintosh with sound repoduction!
@Audiolabyrinth in your humble opinion. Because that is all it is - you have made it obvious in the other Mcintosh thread that you are not a fan....
Sounds like you are a serious fan of Krell I think the S-1000 is fantastic always wanted to try Mcintosh but I think I am staying where I am I just purchased 3 custom made mono amps from Odyssey I want to see how this pans out I have a while before the amps will be fully broken in I also purchased a pair of Revels F-208's which are well beyond what I expected at there price point
@ pops, Sorry, I never said I did not like Mcintosh!, I like them more than alot of audio out there!, I prefer the Krell flavor over mcintosh, does not mean nothing than an opinion, someone else may like mcintosh better than Krell!, perhaps you do, nothing wrong with that,I see I was wrong to put it the way I did, I am sorry to all!, opps!, forgive me pops, your a dear friend, nobody is perfect, I know I am not, I say things at times that may be straight-up and direct, Thats the Florida coming out of me!, nothing held back!, I do not mean harm by this, I express my opinion without thinking eanything of it, my bad.,, cheers.
Keith we are still buds, sorry if I bit your head off. I just called you out because when it's an opinion - absolute statements don't work.
@ pops, I agree, I was out of place, forgive me, I tend to do this time to time, I forget the world reads this stuff,I will dicipline my self better.