McIntosh vs. ARC

How does the "tubelike" McIntosh MC402 or the vacuum tube 2102 compare with tube amps from ARC, like VM220 or the new REF110? Speakers are Magnepan 3.6´s. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
king kong vs godilla....both are classic, and both are fine with your 3.6's.........the arc stuff would make your stereo all minnesotan.
I have a friend with the 402s and I do not find them especially 'tubelike' instead they are pretty good for solid state amplifiers - smooth but flat when played with B&W 802D speakers and Meridian CD player
It will come down to personal taste. I haven't found ARC to be very involving or emotional (even their expensive models) but others probably disagree. So, you won't find your answer here. You will simply have to pick one and see if you like it.
i think a mac on maggies would be a poor match. please see my review of the 501s on as to why.

In the last 18 months I've had a mac 352,a MC2102,a MC275IV,C2200 and a MCD201
And now I'm the delighted owner of a new ARC 150.2

I've heard the Arc tube amps as well.
In my opinion the 150.2 is better in ALL respects then any of the Mac amps I've owned.

I also now own a ARC LS26 pre-amp,and a CD# mkII.
I feel these units are also superior.

I think McIntosh has fallen behind the current state of the art technology.
I have owned both an MC2102 and the 501 monoblocks, Both have sounded great with my 3.6's. I switched from the 2102 to the 501 mainly to try higher power. I listen mainly to classical, jazz and opera. Sweet on top and firm bass on the bottom. You will like either one. Have fun.

There are a number of Maggie owners here who use McIntosh amps. Search the archives and you will see.