McIntosh Upgrade

I have MA7000 integrated and want to upgrade to MC452 and C50. However, I am listening at low volumes (speakers are B&W 802Di), so would I hear any improvements? I heard it all about 802's needing as much juice as possible, but the second generation diamonds are really very efficient, so I better want to ask around before I spend that chunk of change.
I also upgraded my old Mac system to C2300 and MC601 Mono Block with my 802 Diamond and their different is huge no matter playing loud or low volumes. Sound amazing on all different music from and different source.
Yes, all speaker needing as much juice as possible to avoid any tweaks (IMHO).
Beewax is correct; you will hear a substantial improvement. If you use vinyl as a source, ale sure to audition the C2500 preamp, too.

Good luck & happy listening!