McIntosh tuner is snowing cats and dogs

While its showing the strongest of signals I hear a lot of snow. It was not doing this a half a year ago before side lining it. Its not a flurry flake here and there its more like a blizzard. So much so that I've unhooked it to be looked at. What might be the cause, offset bias, any guesses? 
I'm not sure what you mean when you say you "hear a lot of snow." Do you mean you hear noise such as hiss?

What Mac tuner do you have? If it's a tube tuner, have you checked the tubes? Do you have it connected to a proper antenna?
In the "old days" I had a Finco antenna on a rotor that gave me the quietest sound.....
Its a MR73. I have a dynalab whip antenna that always worked quite well. I took it in to my  technician he can sort it out. thanks for the suggestions always appreciated.