McIntosh Tubes / Triangle Speakers

For the past year, I have enjoyed the lush sound which has been produced from my Jolida 502B integrated amp (modified through Underwood HiFi) feeding a pair of Triangle Naia ES speakers. Rest of system consists of a Sony NS999ES used as transport and a MF Tri Vista Dac 21 (also modified by Underwood). All electronics are going through one of two PS Audio P500 power plants.

I am starting to get the upgrade itch and, thinking that the Jolida represents the weakest link in the system, am considering a Mac C2200 preamp and MC275 Amp. Eventually, I plan to also upgrade the digital front end (likely the next upgrade) and then the speakers. However, because I will be owning the Naia's for the next two to three years at least, I was wondering if anyone has experienced these speakers (or any speakers in the Triangle line) with Mac electronics.

Would the Macs be a good match with these speakers, or are there other tube electronics I should be considering?
I had the Triangle Celius speakers with a Unison Unico amp with Wally Mods and Jolida 100 CDP with WMods. Somehow it never did sound right as it would cause my ears to bleed at times. I went to the Jolida 502B amp and it helped but it was slow and wet sounding. Then I tried the Pathos MKII and that amp did the best of the lot but still it left me wanting.
I sold all my gear and moved to Audio Note and never looked back. If I may suggest to you to look up a dealer in your area or go to the show in Denver and try and listen to their gear.
If you are set on keeping you present set up then yes the 502B is your weekest link. The Pathos MKII will smoke the 502B and can be had for $1250.00. I was shocked how much better it was vs. the Unico with level 2 mods.
I don't think you are limited to Macs as there are so many tube amps that will work in your system. Look for a great deal on the Gon, buy and try and if it doesn't sound right then sell and get your money back or most of it back.

Kind regards,
I been using Bel Canto sep2 pre with Audio research VT60 ,Triangle Celious ES and Sony XA777es ,They are sound so smooth tubly sound plus cxellent vocal midrange and soundstage better than my Bel Canto evo amp stup [Bel Canto amp it has crytal clear personality]because it so smooth can be reduce some bright cd which is I hate it . The Triangle it has exellent midrange and so clear the top I believe it can be bright sometime .
The Canary 601 mk11 that I already sold is the exellent preamp with the Bel Canto evo amp it has everything that I would like but no remote ,most of all I like the Triangle speaker when use with tube.
Good Luck to you.
If you can afford the McIntosh you will never regret the purchase. I'm currently using the MC275/C220 combo with great satisfaction. Most people who purchase the C2200 seem to to be happy as well. The C220 is less money and and is close in sonic character. Many feel that the C220 is a little smoother with better bass, and that the C2200 is slightly more detailed. I never compared side by side, but have listened to both and am very happy with the C220. I've never heard your speakers, but the Triangles I have heard are an easy load and would be fine with the Mac combo. Good luck,
I used to have a pair of Triangle Comete ES and can say they are excellent with McIntosh. I have a MC240 tube amp that I never got to use with the Cometes but I am familiar enough with both to say it will be sublime. Actually, I think Naias would work better with my 240 than my Electra 926s do. The 926s are very neutral and so the 240 sounds a tiny bit soft. But the EQ on my C42 solved that problem (the 275 is known for better neutrality). You will not regret the Mc system at all - it will be huge improvement and the Naias will relish it to no end. Fantastic choice/idea IMO. I would love to hear it.