McIntosh tubes, enough to drive totem?

I am considering the purchase of a McIntosh tube integrated amp, the MA2275 which is 70 wpc. I have not had a chance to demo this with my totem model 1 sig yet. I am concerned that it may not have enough power to properly drive the totems which apparently like power. I listen to music in a small room at low to moderate levels. Also wondering if it would provide enough power should i upgrade to the Mani 2s in the future.

Should be fine.

If you change the tubes you can also increase the power using Genelax KT88. Changing the 12AX7A and 12AT7 will also change the overall sound.
I agree it should be fine. Keep in mind McIntosh is always conservative on their amp output ratings. I would suspect that you can add a 10-15% increase for output creciendo demands if not more.
While it's true that I was driving Totem Forests with 30wpc and it sounded great (the Macs should be fine), I have to say that they never sounded better than they did when I drove them with a big SS amp. They really do well with LOTS of power behind them. YMMV.
I was using my Totem Model one with a CJ Premier 11 and they sounded great.
The CJ had 70 watts, so the Mac should do just fine.
Also used them with ML 33 h and they worked extremely well.
Good luck,
I would agree with Socrates. Driving the Mani-2's with a VTL ST-150 was a not so great experience. Mac MC402, now you're talking!