McIntosh Tube vs SS w/ Sonus Faber Aida II

For the SF Aida II, should I go with:
  1. Tube preamp and amp: C1100 + MC901 (x2)
  2. SS preamp and amp: C53 + MC1.25KW (x2)
  3. Tube preamp and SS amp: C1100 + MC1.25KW (x2)
  4. SS preamp and Tube amp: C53 + MC901 (x2)
Which combo do you think would pair best with the Sonus Faber Aida II? I’m not interested in other brands, but would be interested if you think there are better McIntosh electronics to pair with the Aida instead of what I selected. Thanks!
@ei001h. Fantastic advice and obviously you know McIntosh very well.  The naysayers continue to make fools of themselves because I bet 90% of them have never heard MAC or a properly set up system. There are people that don't like it legitimately and that's fine.  We like what we like plain and simple.  

I'm enjoying my MC452 and Primaluna Evo 400 preamp with Sonus Faber Olympica iii. Wonderful smooth rich sound.  I did have on loan awhile back my buddies C2600 preamp. It is a very nice preamp but a bit too smooth or laid back in MY system.  Otherwise sounds wonderful. want to hang on to Jay's opinion that's your choice but MAC is NOT one of the worst amps. He just didn't like the sound in his room. There is a reason they have been in business for 70 years. Have you owned or had MAC in YOUR system?.....Have i ever had mac in my system?What didnt you understand when i wrote McIntosh service trested me horrible when i bought a new mc402? guessing ive owned more McIntosh than you over the years.So my question is why when someone points out mac sucks its assumed they have never owned the gear?...Jays audio room rated McIntosh in the worst/ bottom of the amps for lack of engineering inovation ..same oo same oo...comparing it to the top tier makers ie Boulder,Gryphon,Constellation,Solution which hes had in the room...maybe you need to  go listen to what the better gear really sounds like. 
I’ll take McIntosh over any dead sounding Soulution or Constellation. I have a friend who even prefers the 611s over Dagostino- don’t count Mac out. 
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My local dealer has SF / Wilson and Mac. IMO, they only push those lines period.  What other amp choices did the dealer have to demo?  Aida are really good speakers.  Electronics are super important.  I hope you had a chance to compare other amps.  For the price you are paying for the speakers, there are better options out there.  You should at least investigate.  What part of the country do you live in?