McIntosh Tube vs SS w/ Sonus Faber Aida II

For the SF Aida II, should I go with:
  1. Tube preamp and amp: C1100 + MC901 (x2)
  2. SS preamp and amp: C53 + MC1.25KW (x2)
  3. Tube preamp and SS amp: C1100 + MC1.25KW (x2)
  4. SS preamp and Tube amp: C53 + MC901 (x2)
Which combo do you think would pair best with the Sonus Faber Aida II? I’m not interested in other brands, but would be interested if you think there are better McIntosh electronics to pair with the Aida instead of what I selected. Thanks!

Have you considered the C2700 Tube Amp as an option?

I have a C2600 with MC302 driving Sonus faber Olympica Nova Vs.  My upgrade journey started with the Preamp and it made a significant impact on my system. 

Good sound is good sound and am my audition for amps/preamp have included Audio Research and Moon by Simaudio...      
Ya, I’m also considering the C2700 tube preamp
You for sure have the proper amps to drive those wicked speakers. 
Dude, the SS amps are some serious power. Used to have the catalogues sent to my by Mac, to drool, and pray. 

the 901’s are very unique, I’ll bet those would sound simply amazing.
 We will never be able to own any Mac gear. ☹️There is plenty of wicked gear out there for us, just,not the Mac gear, oh wait I have a Mac App on my phone, with the blue meter!

whichever amp/pre combo you choose, will be a game changer for sure!   Enjoy the fine Mac gear, please come back after some break in time, and let us know how it all worked out!,!”

  Congrats, most people can not get Mac gear. We like to hit a dealer and bring some CDs to listen to the sonus faber and Martin Logan’s. 
The McIntosh dealer I recently visited had a pair of Sonus Faber Aidas powered by a C1100 and a pair of MC611s. It sounded effortless to me. 
The Aida speakers are beautiful. In person they look like they been sculpted. The craftsmanship is fantastic. 
Amp selection depends on many factors. 

1. What type of music do you mostly listen to? Classical/jazz/rock? 
2. How loud ? 
3. How big is the room? 
4. Whats your experience with Tube amps? What do you like in Tube vs. SS? 
5. Have you ever heard SET tube amp? 

Your speakers are some of the best sounding on the planet, I wouldn't limit them with Mac. Don't get me wrong, Macs are superb, I have a full Mac system with SF.   Mac tubes sound very much like SS. That's why I ask what you value in tube sound. All tubes sound different as well. Over the years I've experimented with many tube amps so I have an idea what a modern SF would sound like with each respective tube amp.