McIntosh Tube or SS?

I'm trying to decide between an old set (70s vintage) of McIntosh tube poweramp & preamp as opposed to a Rotel 1090 poweramp and RC-995 preamp set.

I listen mostly to opera and 60s jazz through Taylo Reference monitors in a two-channel system.

Stay with the McIntosh or go with an integrated tube amp. An el34 design will highlight vocals, won't break the bank and will have plenty of power for your efficient speakers. The 1090 is an especially powerul amp ideally suited to inefficient speakers that need bass control. It is not as sweet or as transparent as the mac or other tube amps. Unless your room is larger than 20' x 20' x 8' a Jolida 502 with 50 watts is a good size. There are many other integrated amps in this price range that will be especially suited to highlighting the midrange that you prefer. Phil Brady
Thanks for the response and its recommendations. I've checked out the JoLida brand via the internet and will pursue listening.