McIntosh Tube or Solid State - what way to go?

I own a McIntosh 2275 tube integrated and would like to hear from other McIntosh owners any thoughts regarding preference for McIntosh tubes over solid state. Has anyone gon from tube to SS or the other way within this brand? I am currently trying out the MC7000 and it is sounding good. I am looking to hear from other owners of McIntosh equipment as we are fans of the brand and my question is specific to this brand.
The cliche is that Mac tubes sound SS and vice versa, though I'm not sure how true that is: I have no experience with Mac tube amps. I do have SS MC501 monos and I really like them--they remind me in some ways of my 2A3 tube system in midrange bloom and emotive communication, and they provide an amazing grip and bass foundation that's hard to find in tubes. I can't say they're as resolving in the HF or as 3-D as the best tube amps I've heard (or the best class A SS), but the sound is very rich, coherent, and satisfying.
Thanks for this. Interesting what you say re the sound of the 501's SS, I am trying the MC7000 and as it is burning in the sound character is changing to what you describe with your 501s. It looks like these amps need lots of burn in before they come alive. How long did your 501's take to burn in? What pre are you using?
I've only had them for a few weeks and bought them used so they were well broken in. As a preamp I've been using a Bent TAP-X passive with Slagle autoformers, which is a terrific unit though not ideal for the MC501. A brand new C2300 arrives this week, which I expect to be wonderful with these amps in my system and supply that last bit of HF resolution that I feel is their one weakness right now. A friend has this combo absolutely loves it...and he's owned a ridiculous amount of excellent gear. Good luck with your MC7000. I've not heard it but I'd guess it'll be terrific.
Hi, how did the 2300 workout?
I've owned a 275 tube, 402 SS and C2300 preamp all at the same time. In my system the tube amp was more transparent than the solid state. Although the 402 had much better control over the speakers (Quads & Wilsons), it sounded a little veiled especially at the frequency extremes.

Regardless of the amp, the C2300 was excellent with a very good internal phono stage. The preamp was extremely quiet and transparent with no tube noise.

Overall my preference was for the tube amp, but it just couldn't drive my new speakers appropriately.

Once you break in the C2300, try rolling the tubes. If you are not using vinyl, you only need to change out the 2 line stage tubes. If you will use the built in phono stage, you will want to change those tubes as well. I particularly like Telefunken.
I owned the MA2275 and then switched to the combination of MC402 and C46 while using B&w 802D's. With the 802D's liking lots of power, I could run the MA2275 out of power if pushed, but sonically I would say the MA2275 sounded better overall to me. Unfortunately the 802D's never sounded great in my room with either.

A friend has Mac tube mono blocks and a 402 and prefers the mono blocks.

The MA2275 is a nice piece, don't be hasty. It is my understanding there is even more performance there with some tube rolling, I never did any rolling.
I've owned mostly solid state amps (ROTEL, YBA, Plinius, BAT, Forte and a Pathos hybrid integrated) until last April when I tried a McIntosh MC275 MKV tube amp. It was the best amp I had ever had by a lg. margin. Regretably, I sold it to try a simpler, more affordable, albeit very reputable, SS integrated. I instantly realized I made a mistake and would not be satisfied with anything but tubes. So I quickly sold my solid state integrated and moved up to the MA2275.

I did not bother with the stock tubes and immediately upgraded to Gold Lion reissue KT88 and NOS Telefunkens in the 12AT/AX7 slots.

Before you give up on your MA2275, try upgrading the tubes like I did. If you are like me, you might regret going back to SS.
My experience mirrors what is being said above. A few years back I was looking for an amp and listened to an all Mc system: a CD player, C220 pre, and MC275 vs. MC252 amps, with B&W 804S (the speakers I owned). While both SS and tubes sounded great, I preferred the 275. This is a personal preference, though. The 252 was very good too.

Keep in mind the speaker needs are key. My 804S don't need a lot of power so the 75 Wpc was enough, and the aluminum tweaters in my view benefit from tubes. As Brianmgrarcom
said above, B&W 802D need a lot more power and have diamond tweaters, so the amp choice is likely different.

I also second tube rolling. It has been very nice for me. Start with the small signal tubes rather than the KT88, as they will make a larger impact.