McIntosh Tube amps or Solid State?? Advices needed!!

Guys!! I need your opinions on these two amps. I cannot decide on tubes or solid state. Can someone please convince me one or the other. Give me pros and cons of each sides? Please educate me on these two. Assuming I have good decent speakers capable handling these two beasts. Ignore other factors, Just your thoughts on these two.  Thanks

Tubes amp model MC2102
Solid State amp model MC402

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"Tubes cost really money"

I like that statement as not many people admit to the extra cost of owning tube amps. I have tube amps and have spent this year alone $1300 in tubes. and probably will do the same next year or early year following, preamp tubes do last a long time but power tubes do not. 

  Depending on the tube type and count that's big money to toss away every couple years, not to mention tube failures and degradation over time. If your not steeped into the tube life I'd recommend passing on tube power amps at least, tube preamps can be great though. 

Now if you love tubes then your basically &$%#* as you can't have anything else and the cost is just the cost of doing business. sigh....