McIntosh Tube amps or Solid State?? Advices needed!!

Guys!! I need your opinions on these two amps. I cannot decide on tubes or solid state. Can someone please convince me one or the other. Give me pros and cons of each sides? Please educate me on these two. Assuming I have good decent speakers capable handling these two beasts. Ignore other factors, Just your thoughts on these two.  Thanks

Tubes amp model MC2102
Solid State amp model MC402

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I own an MC402 and have owned and auditioned tube power amps. Advantages of 402: stonger tighter base and realistic transparency without giving up warmth. Advantage of tube power amp: more atmospheric midrange, possibly with slightly deeper sound stage and better signal to noise ratio. All sounds but especially massed instruments and piano will be slightly fat, smeared or blurred possibly in a pleasing way depending on your taste. I prefer reality as I go to a lot of live concerts and therefore the 402.
Sorry I meant the 402 will have a better signal to noise ratio.