McIntosh to be on How It's Made this Thursday

Just a quick note I received from McIntosh that the Science channel will have a segment on how the MC275 is made this Thursday evening. For anyone interested it may be fun to see the McIntosh factory.
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Appreciate your post, maybe I can learn something. Best of Luck
Thanks Theo - hope I can remember to DVR it!
Watched it. Kind of underwhelming, unfortunately, although production of a transformer was kind of interesting. Certainly not a full tour of a McIntosh factory. The entire segment lasted less than 10 minutes. Thanks for the heads up though.
Do the factory tour if you get the opportunity. The people at Mc are truly artisens that love their jobs and enjoy having visitors.
I watched it too. I also found the transformer part interesting. On a general note, the segment made it pretty obvious that there is a high labor content in the assembly of amplifiers. No wonder so much of this industry has moved off-shore.
I was disappointed that they didn't spend more time. But that is the way How It's Made does things. They do a good job with the time they dedicate to the subject, but I would have liked to see more of the assembly process. I think that McIntosh does so much in house is unique and makes their products special. Not to be misunderstood, I did enjoy it very much, but was left with a thirst for more. Miner42, I do have that tour on my bucket list, but it is a long trip and it may never happen. Maybe McIntosh will someday release some videos on YouTube.
Watched it on dvr. It made me want to buy a McIntosh tube amplifier for sure. I would never drop the cash for one of those however, already spent way to much over the years in the pursuit of a good sounding music system. The segment was so short it was an appetizer. Really adds to the respect of McIntosh for their tube amps.
Theo, I am with you, made me want more nonetheless, it was worth it - thanks for the heads up.
Thanks for the heads up on that. Would have been nice to have the whole show dedicated to the Mac tour. I still don't understand the l.e.d.'s under the small signal tubes. I guess I'm old school.
I think the LEDs are there for fun mostly. I learned from the show that you should keep your fingers away from the metal bending machine, and keep your nails in presentable shape for closeups. They had to pick McIntosh for the show as otherwise it could be disturbing to see 13 year old Chinese children building things, although they do a great job.

Good one.

I learned that one doesn't need to be concerned with fingerprints on the tubes.
If you ever go to Binghamton for the factory tour, make sure to also stop at Audio Classics. It's a very unique audio shop.