McIntosh- Sweetest, Smoothest sounding Solid State ?

McIntosh- Are they the sweetest, smoothest sounding solid state amplifier?  
here is truly one of the sweetest solid state units (and with good, real world power), for a song... i have zero affiliation, don't know the seller at all -- so a prospective buyer would need to do proper due diligence, and not mind an older unit that may need a little care and feeding over time
It depends on which McIntosh amp. Not all of their amps are created equal. In fact McIntosh makes a ton of stuff I would never buy, having said that I have been a loyal fan of their amplifiers for many years. My system changes from time to time but my amplification has never changed, McIntosh gives me truly no worries, and to this day after almost 15 years of use with no problems ever my Mac MC352 power amp still sounds amazing.
Matt M

I thought McIntosh used output transformers on their SS amps to purposely give them that rounded tube like sound. Not for me, but Which is best is up to the listener.
Carver SS amps of yore used to provide outputs or a switch for tube like sound. Just made it Sound dull, not tube like. 

Check Point Charlie is a Con-man As much as I like the Gear... he is not to be trusted... wouldn’t get involved in a dealer issue.. AT ALL When he Should have

I was effectively ripped off by a mcintosh dealer

Seeing as my filter broke partying  Tom Passafuime, House of High fidelity and Mcintosh are ALL guilty of ripping me off for IT work.


McIntosh does have a,nice relaxing sound when needed,,not the best for rock or metal, but depends on the,speakers and source. 

they are a great quality product. Out of my league, but have auditioned so many over the years!  They are great! Always wanted the 1000W. MOnos!

   Plus that blue glow is mesmerizing and relaxing.


 Won’t ever be in my wheelhouse, but there is a lot of as good and better out there!