McIntosh, Sunfire, ?

I have a Sunfire sigII 625x2, ar sp16 pre. legacy focus speakers, cayin cd50t with mullard tubes for the sacd part, and w4s dac2. I am thinking of changing amps. So far in consideration, quicksilver silver 90 mono, classe dr-25, Or at the bit pricer end Mcintosh 352. Any recommendation one way or another? I was also thinking maybe sell the amp and pre and get a McIntosh 6900? (On lesser quality recordings I do miss some type of tone control like I had on my McIntosh c39. I know how un-audiophile of myself lol )

I am not married to any of the brands mentioned. The sunfire sig has been recapped by Rolland and does sound darn good but im looking for a little wider soundstage and maybe a bit deeper bass, smoth on top but still realistic sounding.

Tubes in the ar sp16 are 1959 tungsol. I also tried rca 3 mica 5751 but didnt match up too good with this system.
I have to recommend the MC352 you will not be sorry, it is super fast,very big wide soundstage and is slightly warm with awesome detail and slam! Plus it never has any issues, it just always is very reliable. I however recommend a tube preamp and it dosent have to be McIntosh. Your audio research 260ohm output will work fine with the RCA (20k) input on the MC352.The Balanced input on the MC352 is 40,000 so you could pick a preamp with BAL outs and low output and it will really mate well. I hope you make the right choice as you can waste a lot of $$ in this hobby trying to get your sound the way you want it. Happy listening.
Thanks for the response back. At least with the McIntosh amp end of things, they hold the value well so if I dont care for it, I can usually resell it for what I paid. I used to have a 2105 till the sunfire sig took over. Debating if I should try simplifying and try the integrated route. The 6900 is around the same price range as the 352. Thanks also for letting me know the AR SP16 would match the 352! That is good to know.