McIntosh ss preamp vs. ARC tube preamp

Do any McIntosh solid state preamps have as good sound quality as an ARC SP 9 II tube preamp?
I can't vouch for the ARC tubes (although I will try one some day) but my little C712 was significantly nicer than an LS-3b I had. It was much more involving, 3 dimensional, and just sounded more natural in general. I don't know if this helps you at all but it was a head-to-head comparison in my own system. You can always sell a Mc preamp for what you paid for it (if you buy used) so it is definately worth a try! Arthur
Many of the McIntosh solid state preamps would give even the more expensive tube preamps a "run for their money", if not just plain outperform the tube altogether...even the earlier vintage models like the C29, C30, C32, C33 and C34V are fantastic preamps...these models (and there are others) will do a great job, no matter what your listening preferences are...many have frequency equalizers to accomodate speaker and listening room variations...if you're more into listening to music ONLY without altering anything, that's possible with these preamps too...some of the later model McIntosh preamps are outstanding too...the C38, C40, C41, C42 and the new C45 are super preamps...these even offer remote control...the McIntosh equipment is built to last years, if not a looks great, sounds great and if you ever decide to do something different, the McIntosh "stuff" will always bring a very good can't go wrong!
I own both ARC LS25 AND McIntosh C33 and C37 pre'. The ARC(WITH NOS TUBES) is detailed, lush, a wonderful pre, while the McIntosh's are.......well what can I say?
There is something about the look, feel and warmth of Mcintosh that lends itself to the audiophile experence. The more recent C42 which I have had a chance to demo is probley much more in line with the performace of ARC LS25 and has that McIntosh........
I run a C-15 in my second system and its great. Simple amd rock solid dependibility. Try one. Very flexible with the 12V trigger output to a Mac switched outlet.
I agree Mac SS preamps are underrated...they sound quite good.
Superhonestben, Tumbler, Pwsdaddy, Dsremer, Aball;

Thank you all for your input. Based on your statements, I will attempt to purchase a used ss McIntosh preamp to replace my tube ARC preamp. I didn't play my ARC much because I would have to disconnect everything from it to be able to get at it to get the cover off to change tubes. Because of my shallow equipment cabinet, this process would actually take a lot of hours.

So instead I mostly used my Quad 34 preamp, which is not quite as good as the Mc. Another reason for the Quad is that it has tone controls. I listen a lot at lower levels, where the human ear cannot really hear all the bass without a boost. The Mc should, I hope, be good enough in this regard so that I can get it all without compromise.

Thanks again, Looie
In that case, get a Mc pre with a loudness control (knob or switch). Many of them have it and it will compensate for the Fletcher Munson curves at low volumes. I REALLY miss that feature on my current preamp. No preamp can adequately compensate without an extra control for it. One day I will upgrade to another Mc pre with this feature (right now, I can't afford the model I want). Arthur