McIntosh Speakers?

Whats up with McIntosh speakers? Obviously great amps, but has anyone got an oppinion about the SL-6 towers? They look very nice, but I have no exposure to the sound quality.
McIntosh speaker owner for over 20 yrs, but they do lack in many areas. I myself am thinking of upgrading and it will not be McIntosh this time. Yes if you want to hear the music spectrum from 20 to 20,000, you can get it with Mac. If you want protection from power overload you can get that. It is hard to blow a Mac speaker, but I have done that in tweeters. They take a licking and keep on ticking. But you will lose on soundstage, dynamics, and musically. I now look at all of their speaker line as high-fi and not high end. If you are an audiofile, please look elsewhere. I play my music loud and now I am thinking of going to Tannoy or Vienna Acoustics. But just my personal preference. Look around and listen to many speakers before you buy. They seem to all have their pros and cons. Get to know that before you buy, and you will be a smarter buyer. Good luck.
What about their new line up of speakers. I believe they call them "Academy"