McIntosh solid state amps, left on at all times ?


Should we leave McCintosh amps ''on'' all the time ?

Most high-end solid state manufacturers suggest that solid state amps be left on at all times, for obvious reasons.

What about all those nice meters and lamps on McIntosh integrateds, do these lamps ( or premature wear of these lamps) make it unjustified to leave the amps on at all times, thus having to endure a ''cold start'' everytime on wants to listen to mucic? thanks for you help all.
I think that you should always turn your gear off when you are
not using it no matter what kind of component it may be. In the case of having it warmed up just think of this your speakers not being warmed up when you go to use your warm amp you still have to wait for your speakers to warm up so the benefits of having the warm amp are outweighed by the facts of
A: Power bill (Amps arent cheap to run)
B: Premature light failure
C: Speakers still have to warm up

I personally think that if you are taking the time to enjoy music, have spent many hours setting up your system, have spent thousands of dollars on your system that we can wait a
few munites for our gear to get warmed up.
I would suggest turning it off when not used for extended periods such as when you go to bed at night or will be away for awhile. Once my amp is on I usually leave it on until I go to bed or are leaving the house for extended periods. There is just to much power running through these things to leave them on IMO. But a quick call to Mac should answer your question.
Heat is the amplifier's enemy and would have to shorten the life. It takes so little time to warm up I don't understand why people worry about it. Also if your amp sounds so much different from warming it up for a little while compared to being left on all the time something must be wrong with it.
What McIntosh amp do you mean? Mine (MA6900) has a standby switch and a power switch. The power switch is always on. When I don't use it I switch the standby switch to off. I assume that the amp in this way is always warmed up.
biggest hurt on solid state is on/off, better to leave on 24/7 as there is less stress on the parts inside the amp when warm than going from dead cold to warm. As to the light bulbs, ever see one burn out while on!
Amps off, front end left on (very little power used).