McIntosh's new $40,000 amp and $23,000 preamp

Looks like McIntosh is continuing to move up with this new pair. The amps put out 2,000 Watts which is impressive but what i think is even more interesting is their new preamp which can be ordered with either solid state or tube amplification stage - or both.

Anyway, I thought it was cool to come across this news. Anyone have more pictures of them? I thought Audiogon would have some in their coverage of McIntosh at CES 2005 but they didn't even mention these new pieces!? Arthur
for some reason I wasn't able to get the Audiogon pics earlier. I now take back what I said about not mentioning them!
If you would like to listen to the McIntosh 2K system you can! @ "House of Music" in San Francisco (415) 255-0888 Ask for Chris, tell him Don Davis refered you. Enjoy the music