McIntosh Record Compensator found in attic

I was in the attic and found a piece of history. Now what is it? It's a cute little thing. Body is 10 1/8"w, 3 3/8"h; 7 1/4"d Gold faceplate Looks as thou it could be rack mount not pan lock. I can tell it is a preamp oringal 6 pin amp plug, for MC 2100 I would guess. But thinking it is for generation before that line came into production. What is the best way to clean and test it. Looking for good advice. There seems to be light pitting on chrome top but still shinny access door to 3 tubes. Thanks Don
Why don't you contact McIntosh or Audio Classics? Either one of them should be able to help.
more info Model C-8 in production from 1955 to 1959 Mono unit. for use with MC-30, or MC-60. Does anyone have any paperwork they would be willing to email me. Thanks Don
This is not a C-8P, C-8S
Classic Audio Reproductions ( has parts for a lot of the old Mac and Marantz tube stuff.