McIntosh Question

Currently I have 1 McIntosh MC 162 briged powering on my right channel and 1 MC 162 bridged on my left. I have a MC 2105 powering my two side channels. My set up is B&W N804's for the fronts, a HTM1 Center, and N805's for fronts and rears. Here is my question. I was thinking about getting a McIntosh 7300 to run my fronts and have one 162 power the rear and the other then center channel. Any thoughts on how they would all match up?
You have alot of money invested in a nice setup. I would spend an extra 800.00 and go for the MC352. Much better amp than the mc7300, and will match your mc162's. 2 MC162's over a MC352, what a stack!!! Regards, John
I think Velo has a great idea. Check it out. Good luck - Arthur
I agree use the MC352 for the fronts. I have a MC352 and MC7205 for the rears and center. I was using the 7205 which is basically the sam amp circuitry at the 162 and when I bought the 352 for the front what a difference. Not only the power but the clearity and definition on the highs and mids but the bass really tightened up. Although I acredit the bass to the added power but the Mc amps with the autoformers are a differnt league than the others.