McIntosh Preamp Decision...C26 or C504

I've been using a C26 preamp for 30+ years. Now having minor problems. I don't know what aq C504 is YET, but I have the chance to buy one long distance from a friend. I don't have to pay for it unless I like it. He wants $750. for it. Is this a fair price? Is it an improvement over a C26? I would like more versatility. I would REALLY like it if it has balanced inputs. Any thoughts or opinions or advice?
Check out for info on all Mac's older amps. Personally, you could do much better for the same money than the C504. To get balanced inputs, you will probably have to go to a C42, which is much more expensive. Earlier preamps had balanced outputs, but not balanced inputs. One preamp I especially liked was a C37, but again, it had no balanced inputs.
I'm sorry, I meant to say "preamps", not amps in the reply above. Another consideration is whether you want remote control or not. It may also be that a C41 had one set of balanced inputs as you need. I would think a C38 would be a good choice, it has a remote control, no balanced inputs, but isn't much more than you want to spend for the C504.
Yes, its better than the c26 IMO. I remember one selling for $700. If your friend's 504 is on mint condition, then its a fair price.
Hello All. THANKS MUCH for all the information that has been sent to me. You have saved me money. I find it hard to believe that McIntosh Labs would EVER have installed balanced XLR connectors that were not actually balanaced. I still have not made a decision yet. But the 504 isn't going anywhere. Thanks again.
The current c2300 at $6k has balanced ins and outs and it is not a "truly" balanced pre amp. You must jump to the 2 chassis c500 to get "truly" balanced.