McIntosh Preamp and Audio Research Amp

I'm considering buying an ARC amp that has a 12V power trigger but my McIntosh Preamp only outputs 5V. Some 12V triggers actually work with voltage ranges from 5V-24V but I can't find literature regarding ARC. Has anyone succesfully used the Mac and ARC triggers?

BTW, ARC's inability to receive consumer emails is a shame, I should be emailing them instead of bugging you folks.
ARC has great phone support, or you can call Mac
either will answer your question in 2 minutes.

I forget the details but there is also a way to have the preamp power something else up that trigers the amp.
I have an LS-26 triggering on my MC-402 I don't see why the
Mc wouldn't trigger on the ARC. If for some reason it doesn't you can add a PS Audio power srip between the two and utilize the trigger side of it. Kind of an expensive solution but I know that a 5v Mc trigger will trigger the PS Audio.
When I was using a Mac AV preamp with 5v trigger to power my Krell multi channel amp with 12v trigger, I used a Niles trigger interface. The Niles takes an input anywhere from 3-30v and outputs a 12v signal. Worked great! I don’t use it anymore, so if you are interested let me know… Thanks, David