Mcintosh Pre-amp

Hi, anyone audition both the C42 and the C41? Besides the equalizer section, what other differences between the two? Do they sound the same?

The volume control is different. The 42's is like the C100 & C200. I like seeing the numerical readout and being able to duplicate any spl. I read you had the 352/42 combo. Here's a fun thing to do. Set the 352 meters to "hold". Change the display on the 42 to "db". Listen to some music softly and note both readings. Raise the 42 10db. Notice the 352 is putting out 10 times the power. That's supposed to happen on paper, but getting 2 machines to respond mathematicly accurate wins the cake. I guess they don't call it McIntosh Labratories for nothing. I haven't heard the 41. I would bet they sound more alike than different, but I like the 42's volume contol both technicly and visually.
I own the C41 and before buying I also demoed the C42. They sounded very much alike. The salesman told me the C41 is the most popular preamp among McIntosh fans. The C42 offers a bit more features and refinements but to me it didn't justify the price difference. I concur that the C41 is an excellent sounding piece! Anyone out there knows which power amp sounds better, the MC162 (without autoformers/Dc coupled) or the MC202 with autoformers? I now own the new MC162 but was dying to try the MC202 but the price difference was substanial. Thanks