McIntosh owners - please help me decide ona preamp

Here are my options:

1. C500 c/t for $8000 - new
2. C1000 c/t for $10,000 - used less than 100 hours
3. C1000 c/t/p (all three pieces) - $14,000 - used, unsure of hours

Whatever I don't buy, will leave me with money for a 207, 151 or mcd1100.

My amps are the 2301. Speakers are Salon 2's.

With your amps the c1000 in SS might be the best combo. It has been said by some wise posters in other threads that with higher end tube amps a SS preamp is superb. In any incarnation the c1000 is very satisfying. The three piece c1000/t/p is a nice option but from what I gather the users end up preferring one or the other. I have the c1000 in SS and have no desire to try anything else.
Do you really need to ask...the $14K solution is the way to go. Then start saving for those $10 cable elevators ;-)
Get a C50. Or at least audition one. Really cool piece of gear -- one that is providing me with a lot of satisfaction. I am running mine with an MC275 mkV.
C2300 replaced my C200.
I suggest to buy a audioresearch ref 5 preamp instead of mcintosh because is well known that mcintosh preamps are poorly designed preamp , they are reliable but not even close in performance to arcs, please see pictures inside units and compare