Mcintosh or Wyred4Sound?


I am in the process of upgrading my theater room and am wondering which power amp to buy between the Mcintosh MC205 or the Wyred4Sound mc5x250? Please help. You guys are the experts?
Actually you are th expert, do not forget to give your self credit!
Everybody hears things different, and depending on your speakers the sound may be different. There are a lot of factors when putting together a system.
Go for sure for sound excellence with wyre for sound, macs are good for electrostatics because they are stable load impedance but poor Dina,if headroom and. Are nothing more than good looking amps
Let us know the associated gear.
You need to find out for yourself. If you cant demo one or the other then take it out of the equation. There's no way Wyred for Sound can better a Mac the way Patsuh describes. Actually there is a way and that's for his ears to decide. Don't let anyone make you feel as though your final decision is a compromise. Both good companies. Check out Rogue too. I'm tired of people bashing Mac because it looks cool. Get over it. Its awesome AND looks cool. Sorry it can be both.