McIntosh .. One step back

I have a dilemma.
I want to own Macs, but can't afford the newer gear. The MA6900 has me drooling but my speakers will definitely benefit from a combo like the C46+MC402. Which models did these replace which might give the sound quality without the price. I use Genesis 200 speakers with 100 watt per channel VAC KT88 based monoblocks.

Your advise please
The preceding models you're looking for are the c42 preamp
and mc352 amp. This will get you the same sound quality
as the c46/mc402.
Good Luck
You also might start frequenting you local McIntosh retail outlets(s) as many McIntosh owners with upgrade fever often trade in their old units for the latest and your local retailer will often perform lots of tests and updates much as a quality used-car dealers do. You need the sales people to be calling you when the goods arrive so you can give them a listen for yourself.
Contact they specialize in MCIntosh used and refurb. Great people to do business with. Second teh MC352 I have one and love it. Many pre ampos to look at the C712 is a good peice if you don't have a lot of gear to hook up. I think it only has 6-7 inputs and 1 tape loop.
I started there when I bought my first McIntosh.
I second the C712 idea if you are short on cash. I've had one for the last 3 years and love its simplicity and silky sound. For the amp, it's hard to beat a MC352. Good luck! Arthur
i have a mx132 paired with a mc602 for a 2 chanell setup. any thoughts on this combo?