McIntosh on CBS News

Interseting video of McIntosh Labs on CBS News:
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That was so great! It just 'feels' good to see quality stuff being made in the USA. Also brought back memories of good times spent in Binghamton back in the 60's. A place called 'Gentleman Joe's'. Owned by an ex-Boxer. Great live music. After seeing that clip, I now want a McIntosh Amp. Thanks for posting.
Kool! Here is an easier way to view it: Interseting video of McIntosh Labs on CBS News:

I still remember the first tube amp I ever heard was a Mac275 almost 30 years ago. I still recall the feeling of 'wooooooah', now THAT sounds like music.
Love the Wall of Sound. Thanks for sharing. I am going to show this to my father in law who has family in Binghamton and goes there all the time, but has never heard of McIntosh.
Seasoned, thank you for sharing. As a long time Mc lover I truly enjoyed it. I was very surprised at Chuck Hinton, I have spoken with him many times on the phone and had a mental picture that was way off base. I like the response to the question 'how long does it last' and the answer was "we don't know, we've only been making if 63 years"
What a testimony!

Thanks Again
I liked how the guy that did the interview said, when asked if he came back with anything, "if you tell Nicole (his wife) I can have one."
You know what I love about just that area of NY? Audio Classics is right down the street from the Mc factory and if you call them and tell them you're coming they will call the factory and take you on a tour. Some of the guys that work at Audio Classics are ex Mc engineers. Tour busses with Japanese tourists go to Audio Classics and the Mc factory. Fascinating place to visit.
Mac is also featured on the CBS show "Elementary" which is a modern-day Sherlock Holmes vehicle(great show). I think Energy speakers and a thick acrylic platter TT are also used.
Made in the US, but Japanese owned. Just sayin'
Dave you are mistaken....Italian owned.