Mcintosh MX136 or Anthem D2

I would really like to keep everything Mcintosh but i am wondering if the D2 is that much better. Does the Mac have HDMI 1.3?
New Mac MX-150 prepro coming with all the new bells and whistles.

I have a MX135 and have been very happy with it but have considered the Anthem since they do allow some updating. I see that the MX150 is coming but am thinking that 11000 is a lot of money for a pre-pro.
I heard 12k for the MX150 and that is a lot to pay for a pre-pro! The MX150 will probably do a lot of neat things, I do not think it does video processing.
Where would the Denon AVP-A1HDCI fall in this equation?
the mcintosh 150 will not do vid processing. The 136 will be outdated very soon. I too have alot of mcintosh gear, but i would look in the anthem, or even the new b&k avr707 or better yet the new arcam av600. with the arcam having every thing you can want and more.