McIntosh MX134

Hi All,

Is the MX134 still worth buying in today's market? I found a used unit for sale at a considerable discount from going prices on audiogon and ebay. I was wondering what the caveats are and figured at the very least I could resell the unit and fund an upgrade from my current infinity beta 20's with c250 center all tied to a HK AVR635. My one day system maybe a proceed avp +benchmark dac + d-sonic amps into some B&W's or maybe paradigms. My preference is 70/20/10 music/games/movies.
The MX134 is a very good pre-pro. I had one and traded it in for the MX135. The 135 offers a better processer chip but the 134 offers much the same performance that I beleive will exceed many of todays pre-pros in the priice range it is sold as used. The reasons I traded was the LED lighting vs. bulbs and the processor chip as well as the upconversion of the video signal to component. Now the 136 has preplaced the 135 and offers HDMI but I am waiting till I buy other stuff first.