mcintosh mx130 or 4100

I have a chance to trade my mac 4100 + $200 for a mac mx130-6 do you think i would be making a mistake? I just dont think the 4100 has that good sound quality. I already now about the different features each has just have not heard the mx130 since it was new as a demo in the store and as i remeber sounded good. I mostly listen to bd and dvd disc music concerts and cd,s. I would appreciate anyones thoughts.
Not sure if you have your numbers correct, but the McIntosh MX-130 is an AV Pre/Tuner, no Amplifier Section on board. Thus you need to team it with an Amplifier of some sort.

Although designed as a Home Theater Unit, the MX-130 works perfectly fine as a Stereo only PreAmplifier. For the little money they typically go for used, they are IMO a tremendous bang for the dollar. Mark

There were a few versions, one had only 11 FM Station presets, others had 50 station presets. One version had both unbalanced, and balanced outputs, others only unbalanced. Mark
I understand it has no amp I have a acurus 5 channel amp that I'am not using that i would pair up with the mx130.
I would realy like out of the 2 units what one would hold their value more in the future?