McIntosh MX120 vs a new Rotel with 3D

My system B & K 7 channel amp and processor,B & W 803s Speakers, Arcam 37 DVD. I trying to choose between the two
It would help to know more about your needs ( like is 3D a requirement?), for us to offer more solid advice.

That said, I can speak to the MX-120s abilities. You probably know that the HDMI inputs are video only, so you'll be running audio via coax or toslink.
not a huge deal unless you require the latests and greatest Dolby processing in your ...processor. That's about it for the downsides (for me).

The MX-120 offers excellent 2-channel and surround sound and is extremely flexible with regard to inputs and their customization. They're also somewhat of a bargain in the McIntosh line since they're shunned by the 2channel purists, and the home theater guys who need to have the latest decoding capabilities. It's perfect for my particular needs. I wanted a great 2-channel processor with the convienience and ease of use for my wife's TV and movie needs, without having to buy another 2-channel preamp with pass through.

I don't know much about the Rotel, but I imagine it would need to be shooting pretty high to match the sound quality of the MX.

Another consideration since buying used appears to be an option, is some of the offerings from Anthem. They get great reviews, but sound like they could be a bit of work to get set up properly.
I forgot to mention one other minor issue with the mx-120. you will need to run an s-video cable (or component) from it to the television to view the on- screen setup menus. It isn't visible via HDMI.
Hello Yakbob, thank you very much for your response. I am trying to build a Home theater system combined with 2 channels. A theater system for the family and a 2 channel system for me. Ever since I was 15 years old I hoped to own a McIntosh system. Never in a position to afford one I thought I might try buying used. The McIntosh and Rotel are close to the same price. All the new theater equipment seems to come 3D . This is something my family would love. I on the other hand love 2channel. Your comment was important and helpful to me.
Thanks, LeDell
If you want the McIntosh, and focused on two-channel sound this might be the piece that allows you entry into the McIntosh world. What you need to get is a blu-ray player with 7.1 channel analog output for those latest format. for 3D, you can connect the player HDMI direct to your TV/projector. Hope this help
Imhififan makes a great point. Your family will still be able to enjoy 3D so long as your blu-ray player and TV can handle display of it.

The MX-120 does have 7.1 analog inputs and would allow you playback of the latest codecs with your player doing the decoding.

If you can't tell, I'm really a fan of this processor. It allows me to have the 2-channel rig I want, with the ease of theater use my wife requires. It sounds fantastic and will be staying in my home for a long time to come.
I agree, its a great preamp. I would add the suggestion of looking for a MX119 and saving a few dollars though. The only thing you loose is the HDMI switching, otherwise they are identical. And like others have mentioned the HDMI switching isn't that useful since you need to run separate audio cables anyway, and it does not upconvert other sources. You can get much better HDMI switching and processing from a DVDO Edge with the money you save. The edge does processing, switching, and upconversion.