McIntosh MX120 hook up.

Hello all Mc owners,
Please can someone help me out with this.
I've just bought a Mc MX120, when I use RCA cable to connect it to the power amp, the source input is from a CD player, but there is no sound at all. The front panel display showed [AUX--volume--CD] instead of [TUN--volume--CD] like in the picture of the manual instruction book.
I also noticed there is a yellow led inside the chassis(the 2 green and yellow leds close to the back) kept blinking.
Is it the unit defected or it just because it did not hooked up correctly? Please help. Thanks in advance.
Ok which input are you using the BALANCED input? Or are you using RCA to connect your CD player? The balanced input is marked as CD in display and there is a CD button on the remote, and if your using the RCA for cd connection you need to use the INPUTs marked 0 thru 7, #2 is marked cd/2, connect rca here, then select cd/2 on your remote. Adjust volume you should have sound.
Matt gives good advice. This is likely a setup error, not a defect.
Regarding the front panel display [AUX--Volume--CD] CD in this case is the source for the main zone, and AUX is the source selected if you were to turn on zone 2.

So, if your CD is your source, double check the type of input your using from the CD player to the MX120 and select that in the on-screen setup menu.