McIntosh MX117

Any comments on the MX 117?I am considering,would like some input from owners. Thanks.
Whats to say?? Its an outdated unit that is not even considered a very good sounding one either. McIntosh makes some great units however this is not one of them. I would consider a newer unit (does not have to be a MAC) that would offer built in DAC and wired/wifi connectivity for streaming and downloading. Pre Amplifiers are the KEY to your whole system its important to listen to them and pick one you really like, you should at least hear 3 before you purchase (if possible).

Matt M
Thanks for your response.I'll stick with my current set up with my
Marantz 7T and Marantz 125 tuner.
I respectfully disagree. The MX117 is a fine sounding preamp/tuner. It has that vintage 'Mac' sound which many find very appealing. It also has traditional Mac build and can still be serviced by Mac. 

I am familar with your Marant 7t, which has a fatter sound than the Mac. You should give a serious listen before deciding, because what I think or anyone else for that matter is irrelevant. Let your ears decide. I've owned a ton of Mac gear over the years and enjoyed all of it. 
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