Mcintosh mx 136. a good deal?

Hi all. Looking for feedback. I am looking to upgrade my HT processor, a Anthem AVM 30 to a Mcintosh MX 136. It is a demo unit with the fm tuner option. They are asking $4,000 for it. They say it is about a year old. Would come with a three year warranty. If I didn't like it for some reason could I get most of my investment back here on agon?
Thank you for any input. Have a great night.
Thank you Theo. You make some very good points. Blu Ray isn't a priority at this point. To pose the question again.
If I buy this for $4,000 and for some reason don't like it can I recover most of my investment here on Agon?
I would say you should be able to recoup most of your investment. I see them here on AG all the time and they seem to sell at pretty good rate. As a Mc lover I like to watch how long each peice lsits for before it is marked sold. The MX136, MX135 and even the MX134 seem to be good movers.
Thanks Theo. I feel pretty good about this. The unit retails for $10,800 with the tuner. I am going to try and sell him my Anthem AVM30 pre-processor for $500, leaving me with $3,500 out of pocket. Feeling pretty safe about it.
Thank you for your help.