Mcintosh mx 136. a good deal?

Hi all. Looking for feedback. I am looking to upgrade my HT processor, a Anthem AVM 30 to a Mcintosh MX 136. It is a demo unit with the fm tuner option. They are asking $4,000 for it. They say it is about a year old. Would come with a three year warranty. If I didn't like it for some reason could I get most of my investment back here on agon?
Thank you for any input. Have a great night.
I just traded an MX135 in on a Anthem Statement D2v. I really hated to part with the MX135 as it was one of many McIntosh pre/pros I have owned through the years. My motive was to acquire the BluRay codecs. It was either to spend 4-8K on a higher end bluray player or 12K on the new MX150. That made no sense to me, so I went with the D2v. It is a fine peice nad does what I need it to do, but I can tell you it is NOT a McIntosh. If you don't need the BluRay codecs, you will be very pleased with the MX136. My dealer that I bought from gave me a deal I couldn't pass up. In his words "I can always step up on McIntosh trades" and he did. Don't get me wrong the D2v is a wonderful peice of equipment and fills my needs very well. But the build quality of a McIntosh in my opinion(opinion only)will provide many more years of service. Just the electromagnetic switching alone has always proven failproof for me. And I will add, if the economy comes back I have the option to trade up to the MX150 with in one year and get full credit on my investment. So all these
calculated on my purchase decision. Otherwise I would have kept the MX135 and bought a higher end blu-ray universal.
By the way in case you don't know the MX136 is a MX135 with HDMI switching, they had the same TM1 tuner which is AM/FM not just FM. A better tuner than what is in the D2v, I have learned so far. And please to all who may be offended these are my opinions based on my experiences with these products YMMV.
Thank you Theo. You make some very good points. Blu Ray isn't a priority at this point. To pose the question again.
If I buy this for $4,000 and for some reason don't like it can I recover most of my investment here on Agon?
I would say you should be able to recoup most of your investment. I see them here on AG all the time and they seem to sell at pretty good rate. As a Mc lover I like to watch how long each peice lsits for before it is marked sold. The MX136, MX135 and even the MX134 seem to be good movers.
Thanks Theo. I feel pretty good about this. The unit retails for $10,800 with the tuner. I am going to try and sell him my Anthem AVM30 pre-processor for $500, leaving me with $3,500 out of pocket. Feeling pretty safe about it.
Thank you for your help.