McIntosh MX 134 connect to Internet radio site?

What is best source, computer, radio or?
What type of connecting cable?
Why not just use a digital input on the back of the 134 and use a digital source e.g. computer, sonos, etc.? I owned a 134 and the D/A convertor within is a very good D/A to use till you decide you want better. As far as cable, that depends on budget and your ear. Try a few demos from you local dealer. Contact and see what they have in their lending library.
Dear Theo
Appreciate the suggestions. How would an IPad function as the digital receiver source?
Lawnet1, I assume it would work fine. I am not sure how you would connect it though. I don't have any I-stuff nor have any knowledge of how it interfaces with other equipment.
Squeezebox amazing little thing. I use a silver coax into my DAC.