McIntosh MX-132 & MC-7205 Single Connection


I have an MC-7205 and am in the process of buying an MX-132 to match. I see that McIntosh has a single cable connection between the two, does anyone have any experience with this connection? I'm wondering if it would be worth ordering one from McIntosh (if I even can), or if I should just stick with my mid-level Audioquest Copperhead interconnects.

I would love to hear some of your opinions.

I had the 7205 and a MX130-132-134-and finally a 135
never even considered the single 25 pin connection. I always wondered what McIntosh had in mind when they added it. I think it would be very detrimental to the sound quality. You might call the boys at and see what they think. But my vote and opinion is stay with 6 IC's.
Yeah, that's kinda the same way I'm thinking about it. Got a response from McIntosh this morning, it's a $100 cable, don't think I'm going to order it (unless someone has used it and absolutely loves it).