McIntosh MX-117 - which amp?

Hi group,
Looking at a mint condition McIntosh MX-117 Tuner/preamp;
I understand the MC 2125 and 2155 are the amplifier "mates" for that piece, but they're hard to find. Would other McIntosh amplifiers be good compliments for the MX-117?

Thanks for your advice,
I will state the obvious here. McIntosh probably counted on their customers using other Mc products with the amps almost a certainty. Therefore any good Mc amp should work very well, even synergistacally with Mc preamps. (check for amp's history in the archives here and other forums)
Thanks for weighing in; I was just curious why some dealers would tell me the MX-117 mates with particular amps; still considering the unit; I would like to upgrade to McIntosh and will look at other amps.