Mcintosh MX-113 phono problem

Hello, I recently purchased a Mcintosh MX-113 Tuner/Preamp and have been having problems with my turntable. Previously I had my Micro Seiki connected to a Moon Audio outboard phono preamp which went into a Pioneer 9500II integrated and never had trouble.
I sold both of those, bought the MX-113 along with a MC-2105 amp and since then have been getting static pops when playing vinyl.
Can someone offer me some advice on how to get rid of this problem?
Also, are you supposed to put the grounding wire through the hole in the grounding post of the MX-113, or are the metal teeth at the base of the post supposed to release from the body of the preamp and the grounding wire slips in there before being tightened down? I hope this makes sense. Hopefully people with Mcintosh preamps will know what I mean.
Without hearing the problem first hand, we can only guess as to what the issue may be. I can think of a few things you may want to look at. The first thing I would look at is to check and see if you have your phono pre set properly for your cart. Maybe you have too much gain. Another possibility is that your McIntosh's pots need to be cleaned or replaced. It could also be that your new equipment is more revealing than what you are used to. Try cleaning some records and see if that helps.